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We provide non-hazardous refuse removal service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Conley Waste Management has polycart's, dumpsters, and roll off containers available. Please call our experienced billing office at 719-655-2833 to discuss your waste service needs and current rates. 

Demolition and Renovation - State of Colorado Requirements

State of Colorado - Demolition/Renovation Permit and Information. 

The San Luis Valley Regional Solid Waste Authority accepts demolition, friable and non-friable asbestos waste, fire debris and contaminated soil from the six area regional partners it is designed to serve and support; Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande and Saguache counties. Hauling of solid wastes from other counties is discouraged and requires approval of the Landfill Manager. If you have questions contact the landfill office: 719-852-3810.

Before you start a remodel, renovation or demolition a State of Colorado Demolition Permit is required. Additionally, Asbestos testing results and the Generator Waste Profile Packet need to be submitted along with the State of Colorado Demolition Permit to the Landfill Manager. If testing results are positive for Asbestos, the Inspection and Remediation results are required.

Approved Contractors-Inspection/Remediation -See your city or county government.

*Landfill Regulations
Conley Waste Management and our local county landfills do not accept these prohibited wastes. For any specific questions please don't hesitate to contact our office regarding proper disposal.

- Large amounts of steel must all be separated from containers.
– Hazardous waste
- Medical Waste
– Radioactive waste
– Electronics
– Vehicle Batteries
– Paint, or Oil
– Appliances containing Freon
– Toxic, corrosive, reactive and Ignitable waste
– Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) waste
– Waste containing free moving liquids.
– All E-Waste - Cathode ray tubes (CRTs), Central processing units, Computer key boards, VCRs from non-residential sources cannot be accepted at the land fill.
– Effective July 1st 2013 no electronic item of any kind will be accepted at the landfills as determined by Senate bill 12-133 and defined by – – –Regulation pursuant to Sections 1.2 and 16.5 of 6 CCR 1007-2, Part 1.
*Tire disposal - Contact our office for best method of disposal through your local county tire vendor or Walmart.

*How do I turn off my waste management services when someone dies?

If any utilities were in the deceased's name, such as waste, electricity, gas, water, phone, cable, and internet, these utilities should either be canceled or transferred to the name of a survivor. Cancelation or transfer can be achieved by calling our customer service number at 719-655-2833. It is illegal to keep any utilities in a deceased person's name if you do so to intentionally to deceive the utility company. Closing the deceased's accounts and transferring utilities is the responsibility of the estate's executor or a family member. Conley Waste Managements policy is all waste service connections must be transferred within 30 business days of the death. 

* Please note as of March 2016 Conley Waste Management will charge a $25 fee for each incident when an automatic draft or check is denied or returned for insufficient funds. This fee is in addition to any fees your financial institution may charge you. Your monthly payment is due on the 15th of the month of service. 

*Please note effective May 1st, 2017 Conley Waste Management will only generate an invoice when a balance is due. Customers paying in advance will only see an invoice once all the credit has been applied.

*Any past due balance is subject to a 7-10% monthly service charge. Additional fees may apply for delinquent accounts submitted to collections for processing.  

*Service reactivation due to non-payment are subject to a reactivation fee.


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